Is $ACB stock a buy? Do you think Aurora Cannabi be a good company to hold long term?

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Why Aurora Cannabis Fell 12.9% in June

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bookmark_borderIs Huntington Bank A Buy? $HBAN

July Update for Huntington Bank:

Huntington Bancshares (HBAN) Expected to beat revenue forecast.

Banks positioned to support economy: Huntington Bancshares CEO




Huntington Bank shares currently priced at $7.98 dollars and it was around $15 dollars in December 2019, is this stock a buy for you?

Here is their investor relations page:

Here is the stock price chart:

Huntington Bank
Huntington Bank Shares

I am personally a buyer of $HBAN and really like their dividend, also the stock has not gone up as fast at the other banks which allows you to continue to invest at a great discount and good upside potential.

bookmark_borderAmerica Movil declares MXN$0.38 dividend, MXN$6B buyback fund

America Movil
America Movil Stock

America Movil (NYSE:AMX) approves dividend payment aggregating to MXP$0.38/share, payable in two equal installments on July 20 and Nov. 9.

Buyback of MXN$6B approved.

Investors in América Móvil are encouraged by the results that the company obtained this past quarter, which is driving the price of Carlos Slim’s company shares on the Stock Exchange.

An in-depth look at the America Movil, S.A.B. de C.V. (AMX) stock

America Movil, S.A.B. de C.V. (NYSE:AMX)

bookmark_borderMost Anticipated Earning Releases Starting May 18th

Earning Releases

Looking forward for these upcoming earnings release, this will start in the trading week of May 18th 2020.

I’m looking forward to Walmart earnings in particular, with the pandemic and COVID-19 it will be interesting to see how much revenue they generated, in their case it is possible they will post solid earnings since most people had to buy more groceries due to the stay at home orders from most Governors.

Here is a basic breakdown on how Walmart Inc makes their money:

  • Physical stores in most US states
  • Sales through their online store at
  • Walmart International with stores from around the world
  • Sam’s Club
  • Other smaller businesses

Here is a more detailed breakdown on how they generate their revenue.

Top 10 Companies and Brands Owned by Walmart

We’ll see how their earnings go, I am a buyer of Walmart stock and I am planning on holding for a long time.

bookmark_borderVerizon Communications declares $0.615 dividend

Verizon Communications declares a $.615 dividend


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$VZ is one of my favorite dividend paying stocks, get ready to receive your dividend payments soon!

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Why would you invest in the Stock Market?

Very simple, the power of compound investing! Have you ever tried building a business to just find out that it is very, very hard to be successful and make money at it, it takes a lot of money for you to build a profitable company, investing in the stock market allows you to be the owner of the company without having to do any of the work, all you need to do is research which companies have good potential and buy share of them, with Robinhood you can buy and sell shares for free.

This is why I like investing in the Stock Market

First of all, this is one of the most liquid markets in the world, when you buy and sell any item it takes time and effort to find buyers, in the stock market you can buy and sell shares instantly, the theory of buying low and selling high applies here the same way that it applies to other markets, the only difference is that here you can buy something for a specific price and then sell it in minutes for more money, simple as that.

Compound Interest is a beautiful thing

When wast the last time that you purchased anything to only find out that years after it went up in price? For the most part you buy consumer items and they depreciate immediately after buying them, the only thing that you can buy that has this potential is Real Estate, however not everyone has thousands of dollars waiting in the bank to do this, with Stocks and Robinhood you can buy one or a hundred shares and grow your money based on a percentage, if you invest $10, $100 or $1,000 dollars you can see your money grow each year by a percentage without you having to start with hundreds of dollars and you can still make a lot o money, this is the power of the stock market and Robinhood, you can start investing right now with very little money and have the potential to grow your money, specially if you buy at a good price and let your shares grow through the years.

Ready to investing using Robinhood?

If that is the case, you can open an account today and if you use my link I will get  small commission and you get a free share o a stock, I only recommend products that I personally use and I have been using them for 2 years with no problems, as always when buying and selling shares you have to do your own research however if you put in the time you can grow your money in no time.

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bookmark_borderWhat are Cryptocurriencies and how can we invest in them?

You know that in the world there is a great variety of forms of payment, usually we are used to receiving money from your employer and most of the time your money is deposited to a bank account, once you collect your money then you go to the ATM machine and you get cash, this is what people do regularly.

Now, each country has its own currency and usually you have no problem paying someone if you make a transaction in your own country, but if you have plans to pay someone in another country, then we have to convert our money to that currency and make the transaction. What is the problem with this? The charges, the reality of things is that banks make a lot of money when you transfer money to other countries, in the same way we have companies like Paypal and Western Union that allow you to transfer money to another country, the problem with this is also that they They will charge you a fee for the transaction and for oak you will convert the currency to local cost, in most cases, you will lose money.
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bookmark_borderIs AT&T Stock A Good Buy in 2019?

AT&T Stock Forecast and Performance

With a 6% dividend yield, the company AT&T is a solid, stable company to buy, at its current price is around $30 dollars and solid revenue and relatively low debt makes it for a good stock pick, today I’ll be buying 30 shares of them.

As you can see in the above chart, the price action for AT&T has been relativity stable in the past few years, this company has had it’s ups and downs however this is in my opinion a solid investment, specially if you are looking to receive dividend payments every quarter, why do I believe this is a good buy? Well, it is very simple for me, look around, virtually every human being in the United States uses a smart phone and they have a limited options of carriers, in my personal experience AT&T provides excellent coverage nation wide at very competitive prices, their revenue continues to grows and I do not see demand for this company going down at all, if any, this company continues to grow every year and now that 5G is a possibility, earnings should go up which will push stock prices even higher.

Now, even though I am providing here a positive outlook for $T you have to always do your own research and pick your stocks based on your own opinions and your own research, I am not a professional stock picker or finance adviser, this information is just for entertainment purposes.

So, if you are a dividend investor like I am, you will find a lot of value in buying a company that has been paying dividends for many, many years. See, I invest for cash flow and I love receiving quarterly dividends no matter what the share prices are, my plan with any dividend paying company is to hold the stock for a long time until they decide to cut the dividend, from my own personal experience, receiving dividends is a great way to invest long term and collect payments as you hold on to the stock.

Also you have to remember that investing is a process where you want to always get the best prices, you are picking individual stocks and you have to get them for the best price possible, I rarely will invest large amounts of money in one single stock, what I usually do is initiate my position of a small amount of shares and then I will average down if the stock prices decline, if the stock is valuated too high I will wait for a pullback until I get the price that I want, this strategy has worked for many years for me and has given me very good return on my investment while I collect my dividend payments.

ATT Stock Chart
Price chart for $T Stock

Is AT&T Stock Dividend Safe

Here is the deal, there is really no guarantee out there that a company will keep their dividend payments to investors, there is risk in every investment that you make, even if you only buy an ETF, there is always the risk of a dividend payment being cut, just take a look at Kraft Foods, they had been a stable company for a while and they just cut their dividend, so is the AT&T stock dividend safe? Well in my personal opinion, it is and the reason for that is because this company generates enough revenue to cover the dividend payments, their balance sheet is solid and their debt is not as high as other companies. Even though they are a Telecommunications company and they need to invest large amounts of capital into developing the infrastructure needed to maintain their customer base, I do not see them cutting their dividend any time soon, now once again, I am not a professional stock adviser so take the time to do your own research and invest based on your own findings.

So why does AT&T Stock keeps going down?

As you may already know, the stock prices are all based on what people think the share prices are worth, a company can be very profitable and have the best balance sheet and the stock prices could go down, for example if there are bad news about the CEO or some scandal, the stock prices could go down, through out the years, there have been other companies and competitors that come into play, also the company has made some acquisitions and other investments that the public may not like which causes the stock prices to go down, even though this is not affecting the profitability of the company, it could still cause share prices to go down, like I said, the market determines what the share prices will be and this one of the reasons why the stock could be in the decline, this is where having a strategy like averaging down could be beneficial in a case like this.

So what can you do to protect your self when a stock continues to go down? Well there are a lot of things that you can do, one of the things that I do that work pretty well is to look at the price chart and do some technical analysis, when you look at the chart you can determine what the good support and resistance points are, if stock prices are hitting or at least getting close to the all time low prices then in my opinion this is when you need to buy shares, if you look at the chart and find where the support levels are and you can buy at these prices then in my opinion you are entering your position in a good spot, this will protect you since the price decrease will be already reflected in the share prices and you will get the best price for the shares, as people say, buy low and sell high still works even in the stock market and this is a strategy that has worked for me for a long time, not only are you getting share prices at rock bottom but you are also protected a bit since in most cases the market will recover and you will get the resistance levels and you will be able to profit from the price movement and from the dividend payments as well.

Learn more about technical analysis and be a better investor and day trader

Learn how to read stock price charts and how to do technical analysis, if you want to make big money from the stock market download this guide that will help you how to turn a profit on your trades, the Candlestick Trading Bible can help you become a professional day trader, click on the image below to find out more and start making more money in the stock market.

November 2019 Update

As of November 3rd of 2019 I am happy to say that $T has been one of my best performing stocks, not only have I received several dividend payments but I am up almost 30% on this position, looking back the main reason why I bought AT&T stock is simply because of the demand for their services and products, Telecoms are on high demand and they will continue to grow their revenue and pay a high dividend in the future.

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3 Easy Ways To Save Money And Invest More

Investing in the stock market can be a very profitable venture, with stocks prices fluctuating so much there is always opportunity to profit from these movements, today I am going to share 3 ways to save more money and save so you can invest more in the stock market, as you may already know I am a big fan of investing for dividend and if you are looking to generate more passive income from your dividend this is a great way to cut cost and invest that extra money into dividend paying stocks, here are 3 tips to help you save money.

Save money and invest more
Save on airline tickets

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bookmark_borderWhat Are The Best Hours And Days To Buy And Sell Stocks

Have you ever wondered how people are able to be extremely competitive when buying and selling things online, did you know that eBay sellers have specific hours where they buy or sell merchandise, same as people who sell on Craigslist, there are some times of the days that it is a bad idea to post your listings and there are times of the day where your listings have a better chance of selling, well believe it or not these techniques also can be applied to the stock market, there is no guarantee and as always you have to figure out your own way of trading stocks and what works for you, how ever I have tested several techniques that have yielded me good results, I have found that there are certain days and months that stocks perform better or worse and today I am going to share these with you, now I am not a professional financial adviser so I recommend that you only take this information as an idea for you to test your own trades and come up with your own results.

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