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Dogecoin Cryto Trade

Trading Dogecoin for a profit and you can do it too

On January 15, 2020 was a very interesting day since I managed to sell my entire position with the Dogecoin Cryptocurrency, I have several reasons why I made the sale but one of them is because this investment had generated me obrt 10% return In the short term, I usually prefer to buy and hold but in this case I saw the opportunity to take profits since most Altcoins were moving up and I decided to take profits, even though I do not believe this coin will last for a long time but it is an asset that can be traded for profits in the short term.

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bookmark_borderWhat are Cryptocurriencies and how can we invest in them?

You know that in the world there is a great variety of forms of payment, usually we are used to receiving money from your employer and most of the time your money is deposited to a bank account, once you collect your money then you go to the ATM machine and you get cash, this is what people do regularly.

Now, each country has its own currency and usually you have no problem paying someone if you make a transaction in your own country, but if you have plans to pay someone in another country, then we have to convert our money to that currency and make the transaction. What is the problem with this? The charges, the reality of things is that banks make a lot of money when you transfer money to other countries, in the same way we have companies like Paypal and Western Union that allow you to transfer money to another country, the problem with this is also that they They will charge you a fee for the transaction and for oak you will convert the currency to local cost, in most cases, you will lose money.
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