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Good morning everyone, been a busy few weeks for me and I have not had much time to update this website, however today I would like to discuss with you which stocks I am planning on buying the month of June 2019, as you may be well aware, there have been a lot of trade war talks and the markets are fearful which presents a great opportunity to buy stocks at a discount, I am actually happy that this happened because stocks have been going up for a while and I have been looking for a good entry point.

Now, when it comes to stocks I have a few things that I look for and I have criteria that I like to meet before adding more shares to my portfolio, if the stock that I am interested in meets that criteria then I will go ahead and add more shares that day, I am lucky enough to use Robinhood as my investment platform because I pay $0 commission fees which is great because I can buy shares and average down if needed without worrying about any fees, here is what I look for when buying stocks, as always use this information at your own risk and only buy stocks based on your own research.

Am I paying less than my original entry point?
Does this stock pay a dividend, what percentage does it pay?
Do I like the companies business model and will they increase their revenues in the future?
Does the 5 year chart show an up trend or a down trend?
How big is my position compared to my overall portfolio ?
Is this the best value or are there other stocks that provide better value?
What do people say about the company and how innovative are they?

Which company meets this criteria right now?

So the company that I have my on right now is Caterpillar with a ticker symbol $CAT – This company has been trending down for the past few weeks which in my opinion offers a great opportunity to either average down or have a good entry point, the main reason for the stock to go down is because of the potential for a Trade War with China and other countries, the market worries that both sides will not come to an agreement and the stock has gone down since it all started, since I already had a position in my portfolio this is an opportunity for me to add more shares at a discounted prices.

Why do I like Caterpillar? Here are some of the reasons why I will be buying more shares of this stock.

They pay a good dividend which has been increased throughout the years
I am paying less per share based on the recent decline
They have a good balance sheet and they are diversified
They provide a service which has high demand and  a recognizable brand
They have been in business for a long time

These are the reasons why I will be buying more shares at a lower cost than my initial entry point, I am currently investing for the long term and I can see myself holding this stock for the next 5 to 10 years, as share prices fluctuate I will collect the dividend as my position grows based on my cost.

Now, investing in companies and picking stocks comes with risk, share prices could go up or down depending on many factors, here are some of the factors that can push share prices even lower, for me it comes to a point where my position will be high enough where I will stop adding more shares, even if prices are lower, in that case I will simply wait until prices recover, in that case I will wait and collect the dividend payments until the price recovers, I never sell at a loss.

Some of the potential for this stock to drop even more are the trade war threats between presidents, growing competition and a decline in the construction industry, Caterpillar does offer other services that are not depended on just selling heavy equipment however any kind of trade tension will affect share prices.

Overall, I see this stock as a solid investment at a discounted prices that will continue to pay dividend for many years to come and I will continue to add more shares until I grow my position to a point where I am comfortable.and move on to the next stock.

What is your opinion on this topic? Do you agree or disagree, feel free to leave a comment and share your 2 cents, if you are new to investing and would like to open an account to start buying and selling stocks feel free to checkout Robinhood.

bookmark_borderIs Caterpillar ($CAT) a buy in 2019? Find out here!

Caterpillar is one of the biggest companies in the United States to sell heavy equipment and machinery, they are a Fortune 100 company and they make 45 to 50 billion dollars a year, today we are going to talk about this company and we will decide if $CAT is a buy in 2019.

Disclaimer: I am not a stock market professional or a financial adviser, please invest based on your own research and at your own risk.

So here is a little bit of history regarding Caterpillar Inc, they are a based out of Illinois and they were founded in 1925 in California, they operate worldwide and they manufacture, sell and distribute engines and heavy equipment powering many industries and companies out there, Caterpillar current Market Cap of $79 Billion dollars and they have a good Price to Earnings of 13.55 as of today.

So, why am I interested in this Company? Well there are several reasons, many analyst have their own opinions and they make their own recommendations based on many factors but one of the reasons why I like this company is because they are currently trading at about $138 dollars and their stock pays a Dividend of around 2.5% which comes at .86 cents per quarter or $3.45 every year. One of the biggest reasons why I like to invest in dividend paying stocks is because I am a long term investor and it is very nice to collect dividends while you hold the stock, for me to sell a stock it needs to have a fast movement on the upside of 25% or more, if that is not the case I am fine with waiting for a long time and let the share increase in price as I keep my investment position.

Another reason why I am interested in adding more shares to my current position in $CAT is because of their good revenues, during 2018 they reported great earnings and good margins of profit, their balance sheet is ok and they are a world wide company that is has great brand power and is recognizable in many countries.

Below are some facts about this company so you can consider the stock and make your own decision based on your own research:

Stock Assessment – Caterpillar
Valuation and factors that move the stock

Caterpillar – Company Information

Company Name And Ticker Symbol: Caterpillar – $CAT

Company History: Caterpillar Inc. is an American Fortune 100 corporation which designs, develops, engineers, manufactures, markets and sells machinery, engines, financial products and insurance to customers via a worldwide dealer network. It is the world’s largest construction equipment manufacturer.[2][3][6] In 2016 Caterpillar was ranked #59 on the Fortune 500 list and #194 on the Global Fortune 500 list.[7] Caterpillar stock is a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.[8] – This information came from the companies Wiki and it provides a basic idea of where what the company is about and how they got started, as you can see designing and manufacturing engines is not really the easiest business to start, it requires a lot of capital and a lot of Engineering and this gives them a good competitive advantage, they also are very diversified and they have other assets that makes this company very valuable and a good one to possibly invest and collect dividend payments as you hold the stock.

Company Stock Information and Finances:

Stock Price: $141.32 (Down to $138 dollars in 2019) – Note that many stocks moved down the past 6 months due to Trade Wars with China and other factors, this gives you a good opportunity and entry point of you do decide to invest in them.

Market Cap: $79 Billion Dollars and share prices were up to $164 (52 week high)

Dividend Amount and Yield on Cost: $3.44 per share / 2.43% – Dividend payments are paid quarterly and they pay $.85 dollars per share, January 18th 2019 was the last ex dividend date to be able to collect payments for them.

P/E Ratio: 16

Trailing EPS: 9

Here you can see the profits and earnings chart for $CAT

Caterpillar Profits
Yearly revenue for $CAT

Annual Revenue and Growth: $51 Billion dollars in Revenue and $5 billion in profits

Revenue per Employee: $448,000

Company Popularity:

How popular is the Caterpillar stock
Caterpillar World Popularity

Brand mentions in Search Engines and Video Websites:

Why do I use the Company Popularity Metrics to analyze a company? Well the answer is very simple, you have to remember that stock prices go up on down based on many factors, one of these factors is Branding and Popularity, sure it is nice to invest in a company and a business that you have passion about but if no one knows about this business not many people are going to buy their shares, the opportunity to be liquid is going to be low and not many people will be interested in buying shares, this could move share prices in a negative way, I like investing in companies that the public knows about and want to learn more about, if the company is not known and prices are high then it would not be a good investment for me, now you also have to remember that this could also be a negative, news travel fast and if a company is not performing well, share prices could plummet really fast, these are tools that will help you decide if this company is a good investment for you or not.

To find out more about this stock feel free to visit their Yahoo and Finviz page.

Want to Invest in Caterpillar? Here is how!

Are you ready to invest in $CAT and do not know how? Here I will show you how and were you can buy shares, as I mentioned before you always have to do your own research, investing comes with it’s own risks and there is always potential for losses, dividends are a way for me to hedge and I always like to average down when a stock is down trending, however risk can come with big rewards too, if you are ready to invest in this stock I am going to show you how.

To start investing today I am going to show you where you can buy shares with no fees, all you pay is for the share themselves and you can start collecting dividends, the app that I use is Robinhood and it works on your Android and Apple phones, you can start investing for very little and if you open an account today, you will get a free share from another company.

To open a Robinhood account follow these steps:

Learn how to invest
Download the Robinhood App
  1. Go to on your smartphone and find this article
  2. Click on this Robinhood link and fill out the form to open your account
  3. Answer all of the simple questions to get your account and bank information verified
  4. Once your account is verified use the search option to find the Caterpillar stock
  5. Remember that you can only buy shares during active trade hours
  6. Use the chart to find the lowest price and hit the trade Button to buy or sell shares

Simple as that, now you are an active investor and you can start trading stocks for free, my investment style is to buy and hold for a long time but you can develop your own investing strategies and style, good luck!

November 2019 Update

As of November 3rd 2019 I am up 14% on Caterpillar, this is not counting the Divided payments received while holding the stock! There has been a lot of volatility and it has not been easy holding at times where the markets starts selling off however I have continued to invest and reinvesting the dividends as they come in. This is just an example of how powerful holding a stock in the long term can be and why it is important to do your own research to decide if a company is worth investing in.

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Thanks and have a great day!