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Cannabis Corner: Good News From the North

Across the history of the cannabis industry, sentiment and fundamentals have often moved in opposite directions. That’s what makes it especially gratifying to see stocks and sales move together this week. The latest Canadian numbers reveal that cannabis sales jumped 5% between July and August, hitting a record in the process. That’s roughly $186 million… Read More »

Current Conditions Favor New Highs For Gold 

************* Personal Invitation ****************** Each year at this time, I invite a handful of investors to join my exclusive Income Alliance 100 that guarantees our members $179,226 in lifetime yearly income. This is your invitation to join us now.  But hurry, this offer ends Oct. 31. To secure your spot, call Grant Linhares at 202.677.4492 for your personalized quote.… Read More »

Food Stocks to Buy Amid the COVID-19 Crisis  

Food stocks to buy amid the COVID-19 crisis feature household name companies whose products hold continuing appeal during challenging times. The food stocks to buy amid the COVID-19 crisis have shown sustained demand during a time of job losses and economic weakness. Investors looking for places to invest their money should be comforted by the… Read More »

Caught on Video: Kevin ‘The Shark’ O’Leary Takes on Whole Foods’ John Mackey

“Business has only one purpose, to make money. If you want a friend, buy a dog!” — Kevin O’Leary Which should business leaders and entrepreneurs focus on: the bottom line (profits) or achieving a higher purpose — the good, the beautiful, the heroic? The best debate on this subject was held at last year’s FreedomFest between John Mackey, the CEO… Read More »