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Aflac Stock
Is AFLAC stock a buy?

Aflac has declared to pay a quarterly dividend of 28 cents per share, the news came out on April 29th 2020.

Forward dividend yield for AFL is 2.86% which is a great payout for what I consider a growth, dividend paying company. Is Aflac a buy, sell or hold for you? Ex dividend date is May 19th.

Aflac current share price is around $40 dollars per share and it hit $55 dollars per share around December 2019.

How Safe is AFLAC Dividend? Watch this video, it was made last year however it is still relevant.

Always invest based on your own research by the way, this is purely informational.

Sentiment appears to be Bullish based on the Youtube comments for AFL.

Learn more about AFLAC and their current stock chart:

Aflac has great fundamentals and it is currently a buy for me:

Learn more about their business model and financial information in their investor relations page:

AFLAC Inc currently has a market cap of 28 billion dollars, a PE ratin of 10 and provides a dividend yield of 2.79%

Looking at their financials, we can see that last quarter they generated over 5 billion dollars, they generated profits of over 566 million dollars and they are sitting on 4 billion dollars in cash, an amazing business in my opinion.

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Earning Releases

Looking forward for these upcoming earnings release, this will start in the trading week of May 18th 2020.

I’m looking forward to Walmart earnings in particular, with the pandemic and COVID-19 it will be interesting to see how much revenue they generated, in their case it is possible they will post solid earnings since most people had to buy more groceries due to the stay at home orders from most Governors.

Here is a basic breakdown on how Walmart Inc makes their money:

  • Physical stores in most US states
  • Sales through their online store at
  • Walmart International with stores from around the world
  • Sam’s Club
  • Other smaller businesses

Here is a more detailed breakdown on how they generate their revenue.

Top 10 Companies and Brands Owned by Walmart

We’ll see how their earnings go, I am a buyer of Walmart stock and I am planning on holding for a long time.

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Aurora Cannabis
$ACB Stock

Market Watch on $ACB – Aurora Cannabis Stock

People want cheap weed, and Aurora Cannabis is paying the price

Learn more about this weed stock and what is currently moving the price up or down.

Will you be investing in Cannabis stocks?

Thoughts on Aurora Cannabis (ACB)? from stocks

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When it comes to investing, having a good credit score can be crucial, I am a true believer that you must maintain a low debt and good earnings to be able to invest in the stock market and be successful at it, I am not a person who uses margin to invest however credit can be a very useful tool, here are some tips that will help you maintain a healthy credit score.

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Bank stocks have taken a hit lately and have started to trend down, this could be possibly a signal of a recession or a bear market, today we are going to talk about Ally Bank and we are going to see if this stock is worth buying, we’ll see if they pay dividend and we’ll see if their cash flow will be enough to pay share holders.

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Hello, welcome to – Today I’d like to share with you what my Robinhood portfolio looks like! I have been investing for a long time and in the past couple of years I have been buying and selling stocks using the Robinhood App.

If you are not familiar with the Robinhood App it, is a platform that allows you to buy and sell stocks using any computer or your smartphone, it works on iPhone and Android devices as well. The biggest benefit of using this application is that you pay zero money in commissions, unlike most stock brokers that charge you $5, $10 dollars or more, Robinhood charges you zero.

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bookmark_borderWhy Investing Like Warren Buffett Works For Me

You have probably heard the words “value investing” and have wondered what exactly value investing is. Everyone has a different view of what value is. In my opinion, value investing is basically find great companies at fair prices, just like Warren Buffett said. You are going to be investing your money in companies that generate consistent revenue and profits and you want to valuate companies and come up with a fair share price. value Investing might be considered boring for some people since sometimes stock day traders want to see explosive price fluctuations of 15% or more in a single day, some traders only trade stocks that move that wildly, however for me investing in stable companies is the way to go.

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Are you going to be the next Warren Buffett? Maybe you are! It’s time to start investing and generating money from dividends and from share price appreciation, investing in the stock market when you are in High School is a great start to your wealth generation and financial independence.

Viacom Price Chart
Viacom Price Chart

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If you have been buying and selling stocks for a long time, you have probably realized that having great credit is important, specially if you are using a Margin Account to buy and sell shares, day trading is not really something that I do much, but sometimes you buy a stock that goes up really fast and you find yourself in a situation that might force you to sell a stock for a higher price, there are many platforms like The Robinhood App that allow you to buy and sell stocks with no commission fees that also have Margin Accounts, this is a great option for people who have great credit and want to be able to add more money to their position without having to pay high interest fees. Today we are going to discuss the importance of having a great credit score and how you can benefit from this when buying and selling stocks.

Can I open a Margin Account even if I filed for Bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy is never an easy decision, more so in recent times with rules having been made more rigid. Of course there is the factor of social stigma that plays on a person’s mind, but the fear of a battered credit report is perhaps even more maddening. It has happened many times in the past that once a person files for bankruptcy, his credit suffers so badly that it becomes difficult for him to secure a housing loan even at high rates of interest. However, it is not mandatory that credit rating should suffer badly always after bankruptcy. Let us have a closer look.

As per the rules, bankruptcy rules your credit ratings for no less than 7 years. The verdict of the court regarding your bankruptcy case is sent directly to the three major firms that give credit reports, and in your next report, the court’s ruling is reflected. If you had a decent financial transaction history in the past, bankruptcy eliminates all this record like your timely repayments to banks and other lenders. This obviously hurts your credit ratings and your FICO score may nosedive about a hundred points. However, in most instances it is seen that people who file for bankruptcy are also the people who have difficulties in repayments to banks and have already missed on their utility bills. When all this record gets erased, people are surprised to find that their credit score is not that badly affected, and in some cases, even improves a bit after they file for bankruptcy.

In any case, the effects of bankruptcy on credit report are not permanent and once your liabilities have been discharged, the negative impact of bankruptcy on credit report also begins to show a decline. If you are alert to the requirements of your credit report, you can take steps to start working to improve your credit score. The first thing you can do is to improve upon your credit worthiness. You must ask for latest credit reports from all three bureaus to check if your debts have been cleared with filing of bankruptcy which is a natural process. Now you have only a few debts remaining upon whom you need to concentrate by starting to repay them regularly. You will find that by doing so, your credit ratings improve as you are now considered as worthy of credit. Taking a new loan and servicing it regularly is another option that helps to improve your credit ratings.

Bottom line is, if you have filed for bankruptcy and you have a history of bad credit I highly recommend that you get your finances in check before even considering buying stocks, I would first pay off debt aggressively, once you do that I would open an emergency fund of at least 3 months of your current salary, paying debt guarantees a return on your investment and having a highly liquid account (checking) that will allow you to have access to money when you needed, once you do that then you can start investing in stocks even if you are using margin.

Does using a Margin Account or not using all of your credit affect your credit score?

It has become a fad among the population to keep more than just one credit card in their wallets. People with more credit cards are perceived as having a higher status forcing people to keep many cards at a time while keeping a few of them unused. Experts view this as bad for the health of your credit score and suggest cancelling all unused credit cards if the primary objective of a person is to maintain his credit score. It is better to keep cards open and not unused. What people do is to keep a card unused anticipating to use it only in a financial emergency. Ostensibly this is a clever move to bail you out from a situation where you run out of cash suddenly.

If there is no legal problem, or the credit card company is not charging any annual fee, there is no harm if you keep the card inactive. Zero balance cards do not hurt credit score so there is no use closing such credit cards. In fact, it is Credit Card Company or the bank that issued it that gets financially hurt because of no use and the card gets closed by the issuer.

When you close an account, your credit score falls slightly because the credit limit associated with the card is gone. Another ratio that is called utilization rate (balance to limit ratio) increases with closing of an account. This causes a setback and temporarily the credit score of a person suffers. In fact, if you need to apply for a loan in nearby future, it may not be prudent to go in for closure of any credit card accounts, even if they happen to be unused for a while.

Unused cards could hurt you financially if they are charging annual fees, and if you happen to have 4-5 unused cards, imagine losing out on around a hundred or more bucks just to keep unused cards with you. Credit card experts suggest closing out unused cards after following all requirements from the credit card company and never to close the oldest credit card in your possession.

No one can be sure of how FICO score works though there are always tips from experts on how to handle your credit cards to not let your credit rating affected. Among these tips is not to avail too many cards and to keep cards with you for at least a year before closing them.

Overall, you always want to maintain a good credit score no matter if you are planning on investing in the Stock Market or not, a healthy credit line is important to build more credit and to have credit ready to be used if needed, the key to having great credit is to pay back your debt, the faster you pay back the lower your interest rate will be, that is the key and the more you prove that you are willing to pay back the more you will be trusted

Hope this was useful to you, if that is the case feel free to share my website and to use the products and services that we recommend, thanks for visiting.