Bitcoin Stores Great Value Just Like Gold

By | March 28, 2020

If you have been investing for a few years, you have probably considered investing in Gold or other alternative assets, this is a great idea however there are some benefits and cons in doing so, first of all Gold is actually really hard to acquire, if you buy it online you are going to be paying a premium and the quality is not always the best, also you have to store it and hold it, another major drawback is the fact that if you need liquidity you will need to find a buyer and you might have to pay fees in order to sell it.

When it comes to Bitcoin, there are some major benefits, first of all $BTC does hold it’s value through out the years, if you look at the chart you will see just how much it’s gone up in value, this is the reason why I will be investing more money into Bitcoin in 2020, specially as the economy declines, another reason is that $BTC is highly liquid which means that you can sell it fairly quick and have cash available.

Note that I am not financial adviser and you will need to make your own choices based on your own research, this is just information that I provide and it’s my own personal opinion.

One big issue right now with cash is that it is being printed by the millions every day, there is no limit on how much it can be printed which could cause the dollar to lose value, generating more Bitcoins is extremely hard and it is the same case for gold, both assets store value and can continue to grow in value through out the years.

How to buy Bicoin?

If you would like to get started with Bitcoin one very easy way is to sign up with Robinhood, you can buy most Cryptos and start with very little money, if you sign up today I will get a free stock and so will you.

Is cash a bad investment right now?

Here is the deal, with the Coronavirus pandemic going on right now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with holding cash right now, money is a great option if you are in danger of losing your job or if you have bills to pay, I would not use credit cards if you have cash available and I would not invest if you do not have an emergency fund, however if you have cash savings and your bills are paid I would invest in Bitcoin because it’s currently priced at a discount, here is the current $BTC chart below:

Bitcoin Chart

Bitcoin Current Price

If you need to learn more about Bitcoin and Crypto check out some of the most recent posts, Bitcoin has become one of my favorite assets and most lucrative since it is so easy to trade and it continues to appreciate in value, the popularity keeps on growing and it’s price will continue to move up. If you want to get started with Bitcoin sign up with Robinhood today and get a free stock.

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