bookmark_borderWhat Stocks Are On My Watch List?

When it comes to stock market investing I have a very simple approach, I invest in companies that have good revenues, solid balance sheets and I for the most part invest for the long term, I usually will hold my stocks for 5, 10 or even 15 years depending on the company and the industry.

I usually invest in dividend paying stocks but now and then I will invest in companies that I believe are in the growth stages of the business and companies that are just getting started and growing their revenues, even if at the moment they are not that profitable I will invest if I can visualize a future where their profits will continue to grow.

Below is a list of the stocks that I am watching right now and the reasons why I believe they are worth taking a look at, now before you invest always do your own research and consider the risk before investing money, only invest money that you can afford to lose.

I currently use the Ronbinhood platform to buy and sell stocks, they are a new company so I will not invest big amounts however so far I am very happy with their zero commission trades.

Here is my stock watch list:

1. Salesforce – Amazing CRM platform for Marketing and Sales teams.
2. Pepsico – Talk about diversified food and beverage products.
3. Canopy Growth – Potential for huge upside of weed becomes legal in all states.
4. Auraro Cannabis – Same as above, Marijuana profits will increase over the next years.
5. Adobe – Competition does not come close to their products plus Software as a Service.
6. Autodesk – They continue to dominate the CAD markets and revenues continue to grow.
7. Shopify – They provide some of the best tools for anyone to build their on online store.
8. Pinterest – One of the best social platforms for visual content online.
9. Service Now – Offers excellent tools for the IT Support departments.

As you can see, a common theme around these stocks is that not all of them pay a dividend or they pay a very little amount, the key here is the potential for growth.

Right now, the ones that have my biggest attention are the weed stocks, legalization is happening slowly on many states, they provide a product that people want and need at times and they offer a product that people are passionate about, stock prices might be a bit high so I may invest small amounts ad the stock prices move up or down, even if they currently do not pay a dividend, it will be worth the wait when these stocks go up in value.

What is in your watch list?  Feel free to leave a comment and share with us, we will post your comments here.

bookmark_borderBitcoin Absolutely Moving Up! Time To Buy Or Sell?

I have been investing heavily for the past year in Bitcoin and other Altcoins like Bitcoin Cash, Eth, Dogecoin and Litecoin, what is the reason? Here is why! Every single day I see new videos, articles and information being posted about Bitcoin and how it works, people post news every single day on Youtube about this Asset Class and why people should by or sell, as you know, I like to consider myself a value investor and I have seen for the past couple of years Bitcoin getting cheaper and cheaper, now you may ask yourself, if Bitcoin and the other Crypto’s appear to be losing value, why would you invest in them and this is why.

See, when I invest, I like to take a look a its core value and when people talk about Crypto there is a lot of passion and I see a huge future in it, even though prices appear to continue to go down and down that does not mean that this new Asset is worthless. Imagine if someone showed you a bar of Gold or Silver and the “market” put a price of $1,500 dollars for every ounce, if you knew that at some point the value of that same ounce was priced at double would not you consider buying it? I would.

When it comes to Cryptocurrencies, there is tremendous opportunity and this asset a ton of potential, people continue to talk about it, post videos about it, companies are investing millions of dollars on technology to use Blockchain and to benefit from it and in my opinion, when there is so much virtual value om something there is always the opportunity to benefit from an asset that sooner or later will recover, this is the reason why I have been investing in it.

Now, for some people it can be very intimidating or very complicated but it is actually very easy, there are many platforms out there where you can buy Bitcoin but one way that you can invest in Bitcoin very easily is by using Robinhood’s platform to buy Bitcoin, even though you are not technically buying and selling Bitcoin, you are investing in the value, same way you can invest in gold and oil without having to keep barrels in your back yard, they allow you to buy and sell at the current market prices and profit from the price movements, now as always do your own research and invest carefully since there is always risk when investing in any asset class.

As you can see in the chart above provided by Finviz, the low for this year for BTC has been in the $3,200 dollar range (over $10,000 as of  August 2019), prices are now around $7,000 dollars however if you start today, I do not consider that you are late, here is what I do when I invest in any asset class.

Bitcoin Investing Tips

1. Invest small amounts and start slowly building a position
2. Only invest amounts that you are able to lose
3. Invest with the vision of holding your asset 3, 5 or even 10 years
4. Only buy when the asset drops down 5% or 10% even if the overall price appears to be expensive
5. Do not short or buy options unless you truly know what you are doing
6. Do not invest on margin, ever

There is still a huge opportunity out there for you to invest in a digital asset class that provides plenty of upside of you are smart and discipline with your investment strategy, BTC has been priced at $20k before and if it possible for it to hit $7,000 it is realistic to see a future where it could potentially hit those amounts or even higher.

How can you invest in Bitcoin?

If you would like to learn about investing in Bitcoin and get started feel free to contact me ( and I will be happy to help you get started, it is easy and it does not take a lot of money to start.

If you have an opinion or would like to leave a comment fill out the form below.


bookmark_borderSo What Are Small Cap Stocks And Why You Should Care?

Have you ever seen the TV show Shark Tank? If you have, there is a good chance that you have asked your self why do these investors buy equity from these small companies and the reason for that is because it be very profitable, small caps are basically companies that are valued less than a billion dollars, these companies are usually in the early stages and they have a good opportunity to grow their revenues and turn into something big, as the company grows the value of the stock grows, that is the main reason why it is very attractive to invest in small cap stocks.

Here are some small cap stock examples:

China Ceramics is an example of a small cap stock, as of now they are valued at 6.6 million dollars and the current share prices are $1.17 dollars, this is a small company that generated a little over $400 million dollars in 2018 however they lost around the same amount.

Now, if you are wondering how you can buy small cap stocks it is pretty easy, I use the Robinhood App for my trades, you pay zero commissions and the app works great, to get my list of small caps I usually go to Finviz and filter based on the market cap of the stock and then I look at the chart to see if the prices are low or high.

Now, before you go out there and start buying small cap stocks you have to do a lot of research, just like any other stock you have to treat it like a serious investment and you have to buy a quality company, these stocks are way more volatile and there is risk involved when you buy these stocks, always make sure that you know what the company is about, what kind balance sheet they have and what kind of product they are offering, if the company will grow their revenues and profit so will share prices, if not they will plummet and you will lose money.

Let’s take a look at China Ceramics stock chart and we’ll discuss why investors put money into these kind of companies.

Share Prices of China Ceramics
China Ceramics Stock Chart

Now, here is what got my attention when it comes to small cap stocks, some of these companies are fairly new or are companies that are having a hard time posting profits, that does not mean that they are unable to generate revenue, it just means that their current expenses are very high at the moment but sooner or later they will recover and generate profits, if you look at the share prices you will see that recently shares dropped 20% or even 30% from its all time lows, what this means for you is that you are buying shares at rock bottom prices, just as they tend to drop down really fast they tend to go up just that fast, I have seen price movements of 30% and 40% as well in a matter or days or weeks, this brings opportunity for traders who are looking to setup a swing trade or even a day trade, as long as you have a catalyst you have the opportunity to make money.

So why is this Interesting? Well when you look at blue chip stocks, we are talking of potential upside of 10% or 15% per year if you are lucky, maybe you’ll be able to collect a small dividend as well, small caps provide you with the opportunity to invest in companies that have not been picked up by the media and they allow you to have the potential of huge upside, may investors have build wealth this way and it is doable.

As always, before risking your money make sure that you take the time to have a strategy and research and think and plan about what you are doing, investing in small cap companies comes with risk and you should only invest based on your own decisions.