What is Angel Investing?

Angel Investors: Who They Are & When Are They Appropriate Angel investors are individuals who invest in emerging business ventures. Angels typically provide both capital and know how to companies who are in either their start up or expansion phases. To reflect the increased risk of investing in such firms, angels seek a higher rate… Read More »

Simplify Your Stock Picking Process

If you recently started investing in the stock market, you probably notice how complicated investors can make the stock picking process, they usually use trending lines, bots and software to make their next move, however for me personally I prefer to make things simple and use some common sense to pick my next stock. My… Read More »

How to become a successful Real Estate Investor

Investing4Profits.com – 03/28/2021 During COVID-19 the global stock market saw millions of normal investors having their fingers badly burned by the market. Overnight life savings were gone, retirement funds went down and the economic forecast for all of us who had any money invested in stocks and shares was bad to say the very least.